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Diamond Properties

Properties Diamonds Simulants
Earth Mined Lab Grown Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Moissanite
Chemical Compositions C C ZrO2 SiC
Crystalline Structure Cubic Cubic Cubic Hexagonal
Refractive Index 2.42 2.42 2.2 2.7
Dispersion 0.044 0.044 0.066 0.104
Hardness 10 10 8.25 9.25
Density 3.52 3.52 5.70 3.21
Thermal Conditions Excellent Excellent Poor High
Intrinsic Purity Only 2% are Type IIa Rare and Purest (100% Type IIa) NA NA
Unit of Measurement Carats Carats Carats Carats
Blue Fluorescence Strong to None None None None
Phosphorescence No Some NA NA
Colour Distribution Even Even NA NA

Basic Facts

Diamonds Simulants
Earth Mined Lab Grown Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Moissanite
Is it a Diamond? Yes Yes No No
Is it Synthetic? No No Yes Yes
Is It Fake? No No Yes Yes
Is it Ethical? Maybe Yes Yes Yes
Is it Eco-Conscious? No Yes Yes Yes
Is it Artificial? No No Yes Yes
Is it Affordable? Maybe Yes Yes Yes
What is the Life ofExpectancy? Forever Forever Limited Limited
Is it certified by Lab? Yes Yes No No

Earth Mined Diamonds Vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Advantages For Industry
Earth Mined Lab Grown
Origin Guaranteed No Yes
Security of Supply No Yes
Security of Future Growth No Yes
Security of Employment No Yes
Conflict Diamond
Earth Mined Lab Grown
Is it a Conflict Diamond Possibly No
Engages Bonded Labour Possibly No
Engages Child Labour Possibly No
Environmental Impact

Land Excavated

Earth Mined Diamonds

1000s of acres of soil is moved while mining diamond

98 square feet/carat

Lab Grown Diamonds

No Soil movement

.076 square feet/carat

Carbon Emissions

Earth Mined Diamonds

High Air Pollution

2,011 ounces/carat

Lab Grown Diamonds

Negligible Air Pollution

.001 ounces/carat

Water Usage

Earth Mined Diamonds

Gallons of water used

127 gallon/carat

Lab Grown Diamonds

Water usages is lower by factor of 7

18 gallon/carat

Lost Time Injury Rate

Earth Mined Diamonds

High Risk Work Environment

8 days/1000 Employees Per Year

Lab Grown Diamonds

High Employee safety Standards

0 days/100 Employees Per Year